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The Secret of Collagen

What is collagen?

Everyone seems to be speaking about it or maybe the lack of; we decided to give you the inside track on what collagen is how it affects your skin.


Collagen (pron.: /ˈkɒləɨn/) is a group of naturally occurring proteins found in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of vertebrates.[1] It is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals,[2] making up about 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendon, ligament and skin, and is also abundant in cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, the gut, and intervertebral disc. The fibroblast is the most common cell which creates collagen.

In muscle tissue, it serves as a major component of the endomysium. Collagen constitutes one to two percent of muscle tissue, and accounts for 6% of the weight of strong, tendinous muscles.[3] Gelatin, which is used in food and industry, is collagen that has been irreversibly hydrolyzed.

Got it? Do you understand?

Let’s make it clear!

Collagen is a protein that supports most tissues and gives cells structure from the outside. It’s extremely strong! It is what keeps our skin strong, firm, full of elasticity and helps with renewal of skin cells.

Young people have smooth, firm skin, as we age, collagen production slows and the skin cells weaken, and the aging wrinkles begin to show.

What can you do?

There are  supplements in liquid or pill form; however, there is a discussion on whether supplements are effective. Also, there are known side effects from oral collagen supplements. They could be dangerous if you have any food sensitivities.  Collagen creams are available; however, it is not absorbed into the skin easily if at all with a topical cream.

Collagen injections will fill in your skin, but it is not permanent and is evasive.

What will work?

WISHPro has a treatment that works and with results that will amaze you.

The WISHPro Rejuvenation Technology head uses 660nm light proven technology that activates dermal fibroblasts. By activating the fibroblasts, the skin is stimulated to increase production of collagen and elastin.

WISHPro Phototherapy

This treatment is recommended to use with the Collagen Infusion capsule.  This capsule moisturizes and creates an external collagen barrier.  The key ingredients in the capsule are  Collagen, Dunaliella Salina Algae, Vitamin C, Dead Sea Minerals, and Olive Oil.

Collagen Infusion Synoia WishPro

After only a 15-minute treatment, you will see the results.  Your skin will feel smoother, fuller and look younger.

Get Rid of Those Wrinkles – BTX

There are numerous ways to hide or lessen the effects of aging on our skin; Hydration inside and out is probably number one, staying out of the sun or at least protecting your skin from dangerous rays, eating right and sleeping well and of course not smoking.  In addition there is always surgery, invasive treatments, needles and more.

Today there is clinical proof that by applying key active ingredients on your skin, wrinkles diminish and you can see instant results.

Synoia Technologies is constantly researching new methods to combine the usage of Phototherapy, Micro- Current, BlueV, and magnetic pulse technologies with active ingredients to do just that, get rid of those wrinkles and induce skin rejuvenation.BTX infusion

Synoia recently added to its line of  WISHPro capsules a new capsule, the BTX Infusion. This capsule combines Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Dunaliella Salina (Dead Sea) Algae, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is non-toxic, non-irritant ingredient that stimulates the facial muscles and relaxes facial tension, which is the source of those wrinkles. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 actually mimics the effects of BOTOX without having to get shots.  Dunaliella Salina is a green algae from the Dead Sea known for its antioxidant activity,  Vitamin A helps keep your skin moist and is essential for cell division and rejuvenation and Vitamin E the queen of antioxidants.


The WISHPro Anti Aging technology head uses 500 μA of Micro-Current energy, which treats the skin on various levels; it teaches your skin muscles to contract and work on rebuilding cells, together with the new BTX capsule your skin will be looking and feeling younger in no time.

Do have the WISHPro System in your spa or salon? Click here to find out how you can get WISHPro.

Jojoba skin care Synoia WishPro

Jojoba And Micro-Current – A Winning Combination

What Is Jojoba?

The Jojoba plant grows in the dry desert areas of the United States and Mexico. During the past decade, the Jojoba plant has been introduced to other dry arid countries for commercial growth. Jojoba is a shrub, growing to an average size of approximately 5 feet high and 5 feet wide. The seeds of the Jojoba plant contain 50% oil that, in fact, is not really an oil but rather a wax. This wax was used by the Native Indians to treat sores, infections, and as a lubricant since the early 1700’s. Jojoba when refined has no odor or color.

The chemical makeup of Jojoba is very similar to human sebum, which is the oil that your body manufactures to naturally moisturize your skin. In recent years Jojoba has been tested on irritated skin; the results show that Jojoba oil may slow down or even prevent future skin irritations.

In addition, Jojoba has been positively tested for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The ultimate natural anti-aging remedy. Since the research findings have gone public, Jojoba-based products have popped up everywhere. The Synoia Anti-Aging Treatment capsule is 100% Jojoba. That is the secret – 100%.

Micro-Current Technology

Micro-current therapy uses low-level safe electrical currents that mimic the body’s own electrical system.  What does your personal electric company do in your body? It helps with blood stimulation, muscle growth and movement, tissue growth and tone. Continuous treatments using micro-current technology give you long lasting results, or as it is called in the industry the non-surgical facelift.

As you age, your skin muscles are not as toned as they were when you were younger. Micro-current technology re-programs and stimulates your muscles, circulates the blood in your skin, and it helps to regenerate collagen.

The Winning Combination

Jojoba oil together with the WISHpro micro-current technology head, firms and lifts your skin while making sure your skin is hydrated.  You will feel and see instant results.