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Fear of Aging

An article was recently published in US Weekly about how Courteney Cox is scared of aging and is doing everything she can to combat what nature is throwing her way and on her fear of turning 50.

Courteney Cox says she grew up in a home that looks and aesthetics were on top of the list of family values. Her parents look good and take care of themselves. Courtney is going one-step further than eating well and exercising she is trying out new treatments to scare the aging monster away.

Now I ask you, do you have to become addicted to invasive and expensive treatments to take care of yourself, your skin and to look beautiful? The answer is no.

Over the last decade, major advancements have been made in laser treatments. In the early years  continuous wave carbon dioxide laser was used to resurface skin, while results are positive many patients suffered from redness and swelling. Innovation has brought about a new generation in lasers, however the price is still high and it is still considered an invasive treatment.

Surgical facelifts are often the route that “aging” women go down to rejuvenate their looks. Yes, facelifts are invasive – very! Surgery.  Let me remind you it might change the way you look but it doesn’t stop the aging process.

There are fillers that you can have injected into your skin to make your skin look plumper and fill in the lines and wrinkles but those also come back, and you have to sit through many sessions of needles being injected into you.

Today with the advancement in aesthetics, you can give your skin with the nourishment it needs, rejuvenation, lifting, filling and peeling, with the right combination of non-invasive technology and advanced formulas of ingredients.

Synoia WishPro Aesthetics


Surgically changing your face does not change the long-term quality of your skin or permanently fight aging, however taking care of your skin and using the right products can slow down the effects of aging. Yes, either way it takes a commitment to see results. It is just like changing your diet so that your body will be healthier – you make it part of your lifestyle.

Which way are you going to go? Are you afraid of aging?

2013 This Year It’s About Me (You)


Hey you deserve it!

Today there is so much conversation about the rise in narcissism in today’s society, it is even being referred to as the narcissism epidemic. The internet, mainly social networks, infatuation with celebrity media, easy money, and the shakeup of values and morals in the household could be to blame.

Whoa there, this is not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about the positive results that come from you, yes you , when you think about yourself.

You know that old saying you can’t love someone unless you love yourself? It might not be 100% true but even if it is 80% right we really have to start loving ourselves more. How can you do that? Take care of yourself.

Make 2013 About You

Eat better.

Try to eat more super foods, less foods that contain trans-fat, more raw vegetables and fruit, drink more water, use less salt.

Sleep better.

Get to bed on time so that you can have those 7-8 hours of good healthy sleep. Clean up your bedroom, you will sleep better in an uncluttered room. Buy new pillows. Try not to eat a heavy meal late in the evening. Drink a cup of soothing herbal tea before you go to sleep. Relax!


Take a morning or an early evening walk. Join a gym or an exercise group, buy a workout DVD. Whatever you decide on, fit it into your schedule and make it part of your lifestyle.

Take care of your skin.

Did you know that we are not getting any younger? Really I am telling you the truth. Age and the environment affect our skin in so many ways.  It becomes drier, the wrinkles show more, our eyebrows droop, our lips crack. There are simple ways that you can fight back age by making sure your skin is well cleansed and that those dead skin cells are removed to open up to fresh ones, rejuvenate your skin with the right oils and vitamins, nourish your skin and you will look and feel younger.

Take a bath.

When was the last time that you slid yourself into a hot lavender-scented bath. Just to have YOU time?

Visit your hairstylist.

So many of us let our hair down, figuratively and don’t find the time for a regular trim, cut or style. This year, make a change. Get rid of that same hair style that you have had for the past 5 years (add some complexion complementing highlights too).


What is your plan for making 2013 about you?  

How To Choose The Right Spa For You?

Everywhere you go a new “spa” is opening.  However, which spa or salon is the right one for you?

First, you must ask yourself, what do you want to do at the spa or salon? Are you going by yourself or with a friend or your partner? Are you going to relax or are you going for a specific treatment?


More questions you should ask yourself before booking at your local spa:

  • How long do you have to spend in the spa?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are a manicure and pedicure on your list of must dos?
  • Do you want a massage – do you know the difference between massages offered? If you have aches and pains in your back, a message can bring you relief.
  • Do you want a facial – will it be a one timer or do you want to make it a regular part of your personal care. There are many types of skin care treatments, from cleaning facials, anti-aging treatments, BOTOX, and instant facelift.
  • Have you considered a body wrap?
  • How about acupuncture?

Once you answer these questions then you can start choosing the right spa to visit.

Ask around, ask your friends which spa they love, ask on Facebook and I am sure that you will receive many suggestions.  Search on the internet; see what kind of reviews various establishments have received.

synoia spa

Once you have decided, book your spa treatment as early as possible, most spas fill up quickly. Wear comfortable clothing, even though most spas will give you a luxurious robe to wear, but when finish it is great to wear nice loose soft clothing. Arrive for your appointment around 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This will give you time to ask questions and fill in any questionnaires or required forms.  This is also the time to ask questions or let the spa know if there is any medical information that they should know about, such as surgeries and allergies. We don’t recommend that you eat a full meal before your visit to the spa.  Most places will offer you aromatic tea and juice and healthy snacks.

Tip – don’t forget to tip your spa specialist, aesthetician or other professionals that care for you during your visit!

Share your spa tips with us!


Winter Skincare – Hyaluronic Infusion

As the temperatures drop outside, and the heating goes on in-side, your skin goes into Winter Mode and your daily skincare regimen should change with the season.


Collagen and Elastin are the two major proteins that are responsible for making your skin healthy looking when everything is balanced. However, as we get older and in the colder months, these two proteins slow down in production and you feel it on your skin.

Synoia has recently added a new treatment capsule to the WISHPro line of treatments. The Hyaluronic Infusion is made from Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract, Dead Sea Minerals, and Castor Oil. The combination of these ingredients will especially help you through the winter months.  The Hyaluronic Infusion helps stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and it will keep your skin moisturized from the under layers of your skin. This is a great treatment for winter months, (but not only!)


Daily Winter Skincare Tips

The dry winter air outside causes your skin to lose its natural moisture, and those strong (not Sandy) winds can cause chapping, together with the furnace racing your skin needs protection.

  • Cover your face if you are outdoors.
  • Add humidity to your home either by keeping a bowl of fresh water near a radiator vent, hang your damp towels to dry in the house, or buy a humidifier, (great for your hair too).
  • Although you love your hot showers in cold weather, it is better for your skin to take a shorter lukewarm shower.
  • Apply a moisturizer on your body while your body is still slightly damp – keeping as much moisture in, as possible.
  • Take care of your lips! Use balm or a lip-gloss with moisturizer in it. In addition, yes, stop licking your lips.Don’t forget the sunscreen – winter sun is full of dangerous rays even though it is cold and windy. UVA and UVB


How do you keep your skin smooth, soft and moisturized during the winter? Please share your tips with us in the comments below.


Good Sleep, Good Skin

Working hard all day? Want to party all night? Not the best idea for your skin. Studies show that a good night’s sleep will make your skin look younger and fresher. Good sleep, good skin!

Good Sleep Good Skin

Did you know that while you are sleeping, your body is working hard? During night sleep hours is when repair and the rejuvenating process takes place in your body.

Cell Regeneration

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is responsible for cell growth and cell rejuvenation. Studies have noted that HGH is released more while you sleep, than during your waking hours.  While you are sleeping, your human machine is trying to correct the damage to your skin from the sun, stress, food, and the environment. The better you sleep the better your cell regeneration is, the better your skin is.

Yale dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, says that when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. Get enough rest, Perricone says, and you’ll produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps skin remain thick, more “elastic,” and less likely to wrinkle. WebMD


Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. It’s part of our amazing machine that regulates our body’s sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is produced during the evening and night, it likes darkness! In addition to it helping us sleep, Melatonin is a very strong antioxidant and helps to repair UV damaged skin cells.

I have always wondered why Sleeping Beauty had such beautiful skin!

Now that you know what you have to do, how do, you do it?

Sleep Better Tips:

  • Organize your day so that you will have between 7-9 hours of sleep on an average.
  • Don’t eat heavy at night. Stay away from carbs at night – it takes a long time for them to break down and you don’t need a burst of energy at 11:00pm
  • Avoid caffeine from afternoon onwards.
  • Prepare your bedroom for sleeping! Turn off the TV, the radio and keep your phone far from your bed.
  •  Have a glass of warm milk. It’s not a myth; there is clinical research that shows its effectiveness as a sleep aid (due to tryptophan in milk). It also just has a very natural soothing effect, especially if you drink it slowly.
  • Keep your bedroom dark and uncluttered.
  • Before you go to sleep clean your skin and then don’t forget to nourish it with a rich moisturizer.


Enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling beautiful.  What are your bedtime rituals for waking up refreshed and wrinkle free?

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Beautiful Technology

The cosmetic and beauty industry has been growing at the speed of light over the last 4 decades. Once, there were only a few major brands sharing the market, today there are hundreds of thousands. New ideas, new formulations, and new technologies, guarantee for interesting new products.
While new products are being discovered, it is a combination of many factors that bring advanced products to market. Today companies are looking deeper into human biology, electronic devices, and technological advances in production, manufacturing environmentally friendly products and packaging and cleaner production facilities.


Amid today’s advancements in medical procedures, a person can rebuild the look of their face surgically taking off years; but at what price? There are medical risks (even advanced medicine has risks) and the procedures are still very expensive and not for everyone.

NASA Research

Research into anti aging is probably one of the hottest discussions in both cosmetic, and technology laboratories. While NASA was doing research using Light Emitting Diode (LED) Technology on plant growth, they realized that the LED’s could help heal wounded skin. Because the original findings came out of NASA, the FDA was quick on giving it clearance. Researchers took it a step further and studies proved that LED Therapy stimulates the skins natural production of elastin and collagen. More elastin and collagen in your skin, the less wrinkles and loss of tone you will have.


Natural ingredients such as Jojoba and Shea Butter have been around for centuries, however the combination of basic ingredients with new technologies for application is shaking up the cosmetic industry and taking on the hi-tech world. Just a few years ago aestheticians’ treatment rooms were filled with heavy clunky “machinery” were as today with the world of electronics getting “smaller”, professionals can offer the same and better results from the newer, smarter, smaller devices.


Synoia Technologies is a world leader in combining tech and beauty. The technologically advanced WISHpro System is both comfortable for the professional to use and the client to receive treatment with. It is the first cordless device of its kind. The system has a wide range of protocols from anti-aging, rejuvenation, and peeling using the various technology heads including LED Therapy and micro current together with the cosmetic capsules. The smart system has been built so that future technology heads and new capsules will be able adaptable to the device.

Cosmoprof Asia

Cosmoprof Asia 2012

We are very excited to be exhibiting again at Cosmoprof Asia 2012 November 14th-16th 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention Center
We welcome you to visit us at our booth # 3E-K4D

synoia technology cosmoprof

The Synoia Technologies Team will there to answer all of your questions about the WISHPro System.
The Team will be doing Demo’s of the system throughout the three day show.

If you would like to set up an appointment for a specific time please contact our Cosmoprof Team here.

Think Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness

Think Pink – October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is when everyone gets on board to increase awareness and to raise funds for research, preventative care and a cure.

You probably have signed up to run, walk or swim in an event, set up a giveback campaign at your business or donated funds at your local salon or spa. We need a cure. With 1 out of 8, women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

There are many organizations that you can reach out to and help with their efforts to find a cure. Here is a list of organizations that support NBCAM in the USA. If you are looking to host a Fundraiser in your business, you can get some ideas from the National Brest Cancer Organization.

Go Pink!

Everything is Pink and Pink is beautiful! There are pink scarves, T-shirts, bags that you can buy as a donation to Breast Cancer Organizations. We have seen some spas and salons actually going pink! Employees wearing pink, pink flowers at the reception and don’t forget to put a donation box on your front desk. Alternatively, do a give back, match your customer’s donations, or give a percentage of your income to your local Breast Cancer Organization. Your customers will know and appreciate that you care.

Give A Day

Many breast cancer patients suffer from dry and irritated skin during and after radiation treatments. A way to give back is to offer treatments to women in need.  Call your local organization and ask if they can help give you names.

For some people after radiation treatments Calendula has soothed and helped heal radiation dermatitis. Calendula oil has antiseptic, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The WISHPro Calming Milk Treatment Capsule together with BlueV technology (Blue LED) might be the perfect facial, neck and shoulder treatment these special women need and would appreciate. Of course, they should always ask their doctor first.

Skin Care Ancient Ingredients WishPro

Shea Butter: Ancient Ingredients For Beautiful Skin

History is full of descriptions of beautiful women. Poetic descriptions of their body shape over the course of time have changed from being a mirror image of the ancient Egyptian and Greek gods to the plump well-rounded “fertile” look of the middle ages, cinched waists, flat chests and bell shaped bottoms, to the tight corsets with bustles and overflowing cleavage, to the mannish look of the 1920’s and the athletic healthy body of the 21st century. The only feature that has not gone through a descriptive change is the woman’s skin.  Throughout history, women have been described by their clear, fresh, glowing and soft as silk skin regardless of their geographical placement or skin color.

How Did They Achieve Skin Perfection?

Ancient text is full of original pharmacological prescriptions for cosmetics and skin care. The use of oils, balms, honey, salt and Shea butter has been documented since the times of the Egyptians.

Originating in West Africa, Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the karate tree. It quickly became popular and was imported with other spices and oils throughout the Middle East.  Regular usage of Shea butter protected the skin against the climate, prevented wrinkles and soothed irritated and dry skin.

Skin Rejuvenation WishPro


Natural Ingredients

The bioactive ingredients in Shea butter include antioxidants, Vitamins A, E and F, and anti-inflammatory. Using Shea butter on your skin helps to restore elasticity and rejuvenates damaged cells.


Treatment With The Right Combinations

Today with the right combination of natural ingredients and new technologies, your skin can be cared for and treated so that it will look just like Cleopatra and ancient beauties. Synoia Technologies developed a protocol just for you. Using Red LED therapy together with the WISHpro rejuvenation capsule, you will see results after just one treatment (I know I have done it!). The Rejuvenation Serum Capsule with Shea Oil is high in vitamins A, E, and F providing deep nourishment for smooth skin.

Anti Aging – Start Today Not Tomorrow

How many times have you heard, “Anti aging treatments are for those over 40”. Wrong. Anti Aging starts today, no matter how old, or young you are.

My dental hygiene regiment is very strict, yours should be too. I brush 2-3 times a day, floss, I don’t exaggerate on sweets, I have my teeth cleaned regularly and have a checkup at least once a year. There is a direct correlation between healthy teeth and a longer life span. Do you take care of your skin in the same way? Do you make sure that your skin is healthy and that it looks young even though you are getting older?

Anti Aging Regiment Starts Now!

Our blog posts will be covering “Anti Aging – A Lifestyle” in depth; from nutrition to exercise, from skin care to “state of mind”. Following simple guidelines will help you remain young inside and out.

Skin Hydration


Your body and that includes your skin is the most amazing machine created. It has the ability to heal and repair itself, but it needs assistance from you. Let’s start with hydration. Your body needs liquids.  Water lubricates your body, it helps to maintain a normal body temperature, flushes out toxins, and helps rebuild new cells.

According to the IOM daily recommendations for water intake are for women 91 ounces (2.7 Liters) day and for men 125 ounces (3.7 liters) a day. Your liquid intake can come from a variety of sources, including water, juice, vegetables, fruit etc.

Check out the 7 Wonders of Water

Hydration for skin


Drinking water, and making sure that your body is hydrated will help control acne, dry skin, and skin irritations. However, with all the environmental factors such as the sun, extreme weather, air pollution, medications, alcohol, smoking and more, your skin need’s extra care.

For deep hydration and skin rejuvenation use products that are rich in vitamins A D E and F Shea Butter and Jojoba oil. Which products do you use?

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