Pinterest: How to Market Your Spa Or Salon

Let’s just answer the question that is running in your brain,“Who uses Pinterest?”

According to the Pew Internet Research Center, women dominate Pinterest. Now, answer my question, who dominates your spa or salon? Women

I found this infographic on Mashable, if you look at the stats and demographics you will see that your “customer” is right there, spending time on one of the fastest growing, popular, traffic sending sites.

Pinterest facts infographic

Why use Pinterest?

  • Let’s go back to the stats and remind you that it is the fastest growing social network today.
  • You can use Pinterest to link pictures back to your website – this is great for your SEO.
  • You can promote your products and your services.

Now the question is how do you use Pinterest as a tool to help you market your spa or salon?

Fill in your profile include links to your website, and use the new business profile layout

Create boards that will cause an emotional response from your client. Your boards should emulate your spa’s vision and a healthy lifestyle. The images that you pin of your services and products should be high quality and of course link back to your website, you can include your URL in the description of each pin.  Create a board of weekly specials that you can update with a new pin every week that includes in the description all the details on the special.

Here are some  examples of spas that have created great Pinterest Boards:

Remember that Pinterest is a social network, and social etiquette is rule number one. Repin, like and comment on other users photos. It demands up-keep; schedule time a few times a week to refresh your boards. If you are on Facebook and Twitter, post and tweet about your new boards and pins.

Please check out our Boards here

Have you started a Pinterest account for your spa or salon? Share your boards and your tips with us here!

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