Anti Aging Serum


The Skin’s First Line of Defense

The stratum corneum is the skins outermost layer which protects us from harsh environmental factors. The WISHPro Anti Aging serum with pure Jojoba oil works together with the natural sebum to moisturize the stratum corneum and slow the aging process.Anti Aging Serum

An Ideal Match for Natural Sebum

Jojoba oil’s chemical composition closely resembles that of our skin’s natural sebum, which contains 25%-40% wax esters that act as a natural moisturizer and barrier for the skin. Jojoba’s similar chemical structure makes it an ideal candidate to replenish moisture and serve as an added barrier against the elements. Non-allergenic, non-comedogenic, microbially resistant Jojoba oil is easily absorbed without causing reactions, even in those with sensitive or acne prone skin.

Antioxidant Rich Jojoba Fights Free Radicals

Free Radicals attack skin cells and proteins (such as collagen) through a process called Lipid Peroxidation. The WISHPro Anti Aging Serum capsule inhibits this process by counteracting the Free Radicals with antioxidant rich Jojoba Oil.

Locks in Moisture

The WISHPro Anti Aging Serum locks in moisture and helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

Anti-Aging Serum Capsule Skin Benefits

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Creates a protective layer
  • Locks in moisture

Key Ingredients

100% Pure Jojoba Oil

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