Synoia Tech Wants to Set a World Record

Synoia Technologies wants to make it official:

Applied to Guinness World records requesting to attempt to set a record for the fastest anti-aging treatment in the world


Synoia’s revolutionary patented WISHPro, initially launched a year ago after 4 years of research and development provides a variety of treatments including anti aging, skin rejuvenation and more.  

The WISHPro device incorporates the Magnetic Infusion Technology  (MIT) that creates a magnetic field .This magnetic field  is partially converted to  Microcurrent, Red LED, Blue LED,  or Magnetic Pulse  technologies using the different technology heads,

and together with the serum-infused treatment capsules, MIT penetrates the active serums into the skin .

Magnetic Infusion Technology

The Magnetic Infusion Technology is based on the physical fact that identical repel:  A positively charged ion in the magnetic field forcibly pushes a positively charged ion from a serum into the skin.  MIT creates a rotating magnetic field so that there is a constant barrage of charged ions reacting with the serums. The rotation of this field ensures that as ions “bounce” off of the serum or the skin, they are constantly sent back until full penetration into the skin.


The unique combination of the MIT  technology with the personal serum-infused treatment capsules delivers unparalleled results – The WISHPro delivers significant visible results for anti-aging or rejuvenation treatments in just15 minutes. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced instantly.

World Record

The WISHPro challenges long term anti-aging treatments in the market where results are seen after 5 or 6 treatments and now Synoia, the developers of the WISHPro, are looking for world recognition as  “ The fastest anti-aging or rejuvenating treatment in the world” with results being visible after just 15 minutes.

Ayelet Mofar:” Attempting to set a Guinness World record is a great way to demonstrate the dramatic speed the WISHPro and we hope our request of the attempt will be approved”.

Synoia will be at Cosmoprof Bologna between March 8th to 11th in Hall 19 Booth 19M, with live demos of the WISHPro system.

The American WISHPro Team will be in Chicago at Face & Body Show on March 9th to 11th Booth 6314 & 6315.

You can find WISHPro on Twitter  and Facebook.


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