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Beautiful Technology

The cosmetic and beauty industry has been growing at the speed of light over the last 4 decades. Once, there were only a few major brands sharing the market, today there are hundreds of thousands. New ideas, new formulations, and new technologies, guarantee for interesting new products.
While new products are being discovered, it is a combination of many factors that bring advanced products to market. Today companies are looking deeper into human biology, electronic devices, and technological advances in production, manufacturing environmentally friendly products and packaging and cleaner production facilities.


Amid today’s advancements in medical procedures, a person can rebuild the look of their face surgically taking off years; but at what price? There are medical risks (even advanced medicine has risks) and the procedures are still very expensive and not for everyone.

NASA Research

Research into anti aging is probably one of the hottest discussions in both cosmetic, and technology laboratories. While NASA was doing research using Light Emitting Diode (LED) Technology on plant growth, they realized that the LED’s could help heal wounded skin. Because the original findings came out of NASA, the FDA was quick on giving it clearance. Researchers took it a step further and studies proved that LED Therapy stimulates the skins natural production of elastin and collagen. More elastin and collagen in your skin, the less wrinkles and loss of tone you will have.


Natural ingredients such as Jojoba and Shea Butter have been around for centuries, however the combination of basic ingredients with new technologies for application is shaking up the cosmetic industry and taking on the hi-tech world. Just a few years ago aestheticians’ treatment rooms were filled with heavy clunky “machinery” were as today with the world of electronics getting “smaller”, professionals can offer the same and better results from the newer, smarter, smaller devices.


Synoia Technologies is a world leader in combining tech and beauty. The technologically advanced WISHpro System is both comfortable for the professional to use and the client to receive treatment with. It is the first cordless device of its kind. The system has a wide range of protocols from anti-aging, rejuvenation, and peeling using the various technology heads including LED Therapy and micro current together with the cosmetic capsules. The smart system has been built so that future technology heads and new capsules will be able adaptable to the device.

Jojoba skin care Synoia WishPro

Jojoba And Micro-Current – A Winning Combination

What Is Jojoba?

The Jojoba plant grows in the dry desert areas of the United States and Mexico. During the past decade, the Jojoba plant has been introduced to other dry arid countries for commercial growth. Jojoba is a shrub, growing to an average size of approximately 5 feet high and 5 feet wide. The seeds of the Jojoba plant contain 50% oil that, in fact, is not really an oil but rather a wax. This wax was used by the Native Indians to treat sores, infections, and as a lubricant since the early 1700’s. Jojoba when refined has no odor or color.

The chemical makeup of Jojoba is very similar to human sebum, which is the oil that your body manufactures to naturally moisturize your skin. In recent years Jojoba has been tested on irritated skin; the results show that Jojoba oil may slow down or even prevent future skin irritations.

In addition, Jojoba has been positively tested for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The ultimate natural anti-aging remedy. Since the research findings have gone public, Jojoba-based products have popped up everywhere. The Synoia Anti-Aging Treatment capsule is 100% Jojoba. That is the secret – 100%.

Micro-Current Technology

Micro-current therapy uses low-level safe electrical currents that mimic the body’s own electrical system.  What does your personal electric company do in your body? It helps with blood stimulation, muscle growth and movement, tissue growth and tone. Continuous treatments using micro-current technology give you long lasting results, or as it is called in the industry the non-surgical facelift.

As you age, your skin muscles are not as toned as they were when you were younger. Micro-current technology re-programs and stimulates your muscles, circulates the blood in your skin, and it helps to regenerate collagen.

The Winning Combination

Jojoba oil together with the WISHpro micro-current technology head, firms and lifts your skin while making sure your skin is hydrated.  You will feel and see instant results.


Anti Aging – Start Today Not Tomorrow

How many times have you heard, “Anti aging treatments are for those over 40”. Wrong. Anti Aging starts today, no matter how old, or young you are.

My dental hygiene regiment is very strict, yours should be too. I brush 2-3 times a day, floss, I don’t exaggerate on sweets, I have my teeth cleaned regularly and have a checkup at least once a year. There is a direct correlation between healthy teeth and a longer life span. Do you take care of your skin in the same way? Do you make sure that your skin is healthy and that it looks young even though you are getting older?

Anti Aging Regiment Starts Now!

Our blog posts will be covering “Anti Aging – A Lifestyle” in depth; from nutrition to exercise, from skin care to “state of mind”. Following simple guidelines will help you remain young inside and out.

Skin Hydration


Your body and that includes your skin is the most amazing machine created. It has the ability to heal and repair itself, but it needs assistance from you. Let’s start with hydration. Your body needs liquids.  Water lubricates your body, it helps to maintain a normal body temperature, flushes out toxins, and helps rebuild new cells.

According to the IOM daily recommendations for water intake are for women 91 ounces (2.7 Liters) day and for men 125 ounces (3.7 liters) a day. Your liquid intake can come from a variety of sources, including water, juice, vegetables, fruit etc.

Check out the 7 Wonders of Water

Hydration for skin


Drinking water, and making sure that your body is hydrated will help control acne, dry skin, and skin irritations. However, with all the environmental factors such as the sun, extreme weather, air pollution, medications, alcohol, smoking and more, your skin need’s extra care.

For deep hydration and skin rejuvenation use products that are rich in vitamins A D E and F Shea Butter and Jojoba oil. Which products do you use?

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