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Jojoba And Micro-Current – A Winning Combination

What Is Jojoba?

The Jojoba plant grows in the dry desert areas of the United States and Mexico. During the past decade, the Jojoba plant has been introduced to other dry arid countries for commercial growth. Jojoba is a shrub, growing to an average size of approximately 5 feet high and 5 feet wide. The seeds of the Jojoba plant contain 50% oil that, in fact, is not really an oil but rather a wax. This wax was used by the Native Indians to treat sores, infections, and as a lubricant since the early 1700’s. Jojoba when refined has no odor or color.

The chemical makeup of Jojoba is very similar to human sebum, which is the oil that your body manufactures to naturally moisturize your skin. In recent years Jojoba has been tested on irritated skin; the results show that Jojoba oil may slow down or even prevent future skin irritations.

In addition, Jojoba has been positively tested for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The ultimate natural anti-aging remedy. Since the research findings have gone public, Jojoba-based products have popped up everywhere. The Synoia Anti-Aging Treatment capsule is 100% Jojoba. That is the secret – 100%.

Micro-Current Technology

Micro-current therapy uses low-level safe electrical currents that mimic the body’s own electrical system.  What does your personal electric company do in your body? It helps with blood stimulation, muscle growth and movement, tissue growth and tone. Continuous treatments using micro-current technology give you long lasting results, or as it is called in the industry the non-surgical facelift.

As you age, your skin muscles are not as toned as they were when you were younger. Micro-current technology re-programs and stimulates your muscles, circulates the blood in your skin, and it helps to regenerate collagen.

The Winning Combination

Jojoba oil together with the WISHpro micro-current technology head, firms and lifts your skin while making sure your skin is hydrated.  You will feel and see instant results.