As we age the processes which keep our skin vibrant, firm and healthy begin to deteriorate. Dermal micro-circulation slows, beginning a downward cycle of skin decay

the cycle of wrinkles WISHPRO



WISHPro A Comprehensive Approach 

WISHProdefeats this cycle using a multi-application approach. By combining advanced technologies and specialized cosmetic formulations WISHPro kick-starts the skins own healing processes paving the way to younger, firmer, healthier skin.

Creating Synergy Between Technologies and Cosmetics

The visible signs of aging are a result of many factors both internal and external. At Synoia we believe that in order to prevent/reverse the aging process a combined approach is necessary. WISHPro provides excellent results by leveraging synergies between multiple Technologies and Cosmetics. WISHPro combines advanced aesthetic technologies with powerful cosmetic formulations.

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